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Camera for vehicle is a 4G enabled Mobile DVR product, which helps you:mobile dvr features rede

  • Record video data in Hard disk / Memory card
  • Backup recordings via Wifi
  • Watch what is happening in your vehicle LIVE
  • Track your vehicle (GPS)
  • Set speed limit for vehicle to avoid rash driving (Speed Governor)

And much more…

About Rede

mobile dvr rede

About us, Rede Technologies:

Rede Technologies (P) Limited is a dynamic and fast growing India based business house, which has been incepted to support and focus its expertise to facilitate the development of the GPS, GPRS and wireless segments globally. Interestingly REDE stands for Radical, Excellence, Dedication and Energetic.

We started to deal with Vehicle tracking systems and have now made our way through Advanced Mobile DVR technology.

What we do

Areas of Expertise

Mobile DVR
Speed Governor
Vehicle Tracking
Vehicle Fleet Management
Asset Tracking
Employee Tracking
Employee Mobile Tracking Application – “Rede Me”


Fuel Sensor
Temperature sensor
Panic Button
Door / Lid Switch

Mobile DVR Working

The Workflow:

mobile dvr working

The steps involved in Mobile DVR Working are explained below –
Step 1:
Mobile DVR fetches its location (latitude,longitude) values from GPS Satellites
Step 2:
Camera feeds video data into Mobile DVR. The videos are stored locally in a Hard dis (HDD) or SD Card
Step 3:
The videos can be backed up to a local database/server using Wi-Fi
Step 4 & 5:
With 3G/4G technology, the compressed video along with location data is sent to the server
Step 6:
Server gets address for the location with the help of map servers
Step 7:
The address is embedded into the video feed and streamed live ; the current location of the vehicle can also be viewed in a map

– It is also possible to watch live or replay footage in a monitor connected directly to Mobile DVR in bus.
– We can also Replay videos through Wi-Fi if the Mobile DVR and our system are present in the same Wi-Fi network.

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